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Welcome to Alida Rose Beauty!! I am so excited to introduce to you Korean Skincare (if you not in love with it already).

Korean Skincare products are skincare that originates from South Korea. The products are made with the Korean Beauty Philosophy in mind, which is to use skincare designed to work long-term and it is ALL about prevention.

Traditionally, Korean women prefer having glowing 'glass-like' or porcelain skin over layers of make-up. So the idea is to have radiant, healthy skin for your whole life, all the time, rather than only looking good in one moment. Therefore your canvas is nearly flawless when you do choose to wear make-up. Your make-up will wear beautifully without necessarily needing to hide anything. 

What's also awesome about Korean skincare is that it is all about customization. You choose your own skincare routine from all the amazing, high-quality, innovative and nature inspired skincare products or brands.  They have a variety that you can mix and match to exactly what you prefer. All products are focused on creating hypoallergenic, anti-breakout and natural derived formulations that are safe for ALL skin types: oily, dry, acne-prone, or extremely sensitive skin. Anyone can use Korean skincare no matter what the age or gender. No one size fits all... Plus you don't have to spend a huge fortune to achieve great skin.

I personally started using Korean skincare in 2019. My cousin introduced me to K-Beauty and after seeing results within two weeks, I fell in love with their products. I wanted everyone to know about these magical skincare products.

I use to be very disappointed with beauty products giving false promises and under-delivering. Korean skincare, however delivers exactly what they promise. 

My goal is to stock a wide range of Korean Skincare and make is easily available for you to order online in Ireland.

I, personally or my family members try everything before I sell a product. If you have never tried Korean skincare before, you can check out the K-Beauty Guide below and follow the basic Korean skincare routine.

I hope you fall in love with Korean Skincare as much as I do!!

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to help as much as I can. 

Alida Rose