Botanical Leaf Ring

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Made from 925 Sterling Silver

Slightly Adjustable, this is great not only because you can wear it on almost any finger, but it makes an awesome gift as they are rather flexible.

Please Note: All adjustable rings are based on a Size 8. Even though they are adjustable, it can only go one size bigger or one size smaller. Therefore ranging from Size 7 to 9.

Once adjusted to your size it is very important to now keep it at that size and not constantly bend it open and close to bigger and smaller ,as this WILL cause a new ring to break. Sterling silver is soft and allows for some movement, but when it is constantly adjusted it will cause a weak spot that will cause it to snap.

We cannot be held responsible for rings that snap as this means that is was forced beyond recommended sizes and adjusted too many times.

The Silver is strong enough to move once or twice to adjust the size. When left to desired size it will last a very long time.


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