Jewellery Care Tips

Care should be taken not to subject the items to excessive force when putting on, wearing or removing (including catching the jewellery on clothing). 

Regurlary inspect your jewellery for signs of wear that could result in it coming loose, resulting in possibly losing an item. 

We recommend you remove jewellery before exercising, showering, swimming, bathing, sleeping etc. to prolong its longetivity.

All Sterling Silver will naturally oxidise (tarnish) over time, but it will dull or blacken much faster when it comes into contact with agents such as sulphur, skin creams and body lotions, perfumes, hairspray, chlorine, & acidic skin PH.

The amount of tarnish that occurs is dependent on your skin type and the care habits of wearer. Tarnishing is NOT the manufacturer fault and can be cleared using hot water, soap and a soft cloth or toothbrush to lightly rub/scrub surface to restore the shine. You can also use vinegar and bicard as cleaning method or toothpaste. Rinse in clean hot water and dry using a soft cloth.

Sterling Silver items plated in Rose or Yellow Gold will eventually lose their original colour as the plated surface wears thinner.